Thursday, February 5, 2009


Last night I confessed my love for Dustin on the radio... KTIS that is. Hehe. I always listen to that station on the way home from work because I think the new DJ Jake Sommers is so funny. Anyways, he said on the radio that he was frustrated because people were sending him mean emails about how they didnt like him or his style.

That got me frustrated, so I called into the station (I have the number memorized...651-631-5050... just ask my Bethel roomies) and talked to Jake on the phone. I told him I thought he was the best thing to happen to KTIS. I really do... he is so real and tells things likey really are. So we got to chatting and he asked me where I was going... so I told him I was on my way to church for pre-marital counsoling. Then he asked me who my fiance is, so I said "Dustin May" and he said, "So are you going to be Lindsay May? Oh... I got the chills! LINDSAY MAY." haha. Then he told me he would be my DJ at my wedding. Too bad we can't have a dance!

Heather Fox and Gina Gilunthsburgen texted me right after they played that clip on the air... turns out they were listening to KTIS too! ha. I didnt know he would be playing our convorsation on the air, but I don't care. I laughed, and it actually made my day.

135 more days to go! Were looking at houses again on Sunday at 2:30pm. I told dustin he can register for man things on Friday night if he wants... like camping equipment at REI. He liked that idea, we will see what happens. On Saturday I am ordering our wedding invitations! That will be a big check off my list! And at 1:30 we are volunteering with the Kids Roundup at church...were working a game together :)

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Christina said...

haha! That is funny you were on the radio :) It is a bummer about no dance! There's just something special about the couple's first dance, and the father/daughter and mother/son dance, I'm definitely having a dance at my wedding! Which means i'll have to take dance lessons... that's so great Dustin will be registering at REI,because guys need things to keep the household running smoothly too!